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The beauty of the hummingbird

Author: Nicky

Twelve PR Co-founder
the scissor billed humming bird with the longest beak of any hummig

Are you watching Planet Earth? What connection can this possibly have with PR and B2B marketing?

The photography and camera work is so exquisite, people have been asking if it is CGI.  The beauty of the natural world; the iridescent plumage of the hummingbirds; the incredible beak of the sword billed hummingbird; the way it has evolved to occupy a niche and survive – such artistry in nature.

Google  logo of hummingbird search engine platform

Bathos alert! It reminded me how apposite Google was to call its latest search platform hummingbird.

You can really understand that the platform is designed to pick out exactly the page or information you are looking for in a jungle of information.  Google defined the name as being chosen because it means ‘precise and fast’.

There are many factors in a Google search, but when Hummingbird was introduced in 2013 it brought in an emphasis on looking at how each word and other factors (such as your location) work together, to try and take into account the meaning of the whole query not just individual word.

And it does this of course with incredible speed and accuracy.

A reminder then, if we need one, of competition and survival of the fittest in business to business marketing.

Search engine optimisation and google ranking is vital for a business to thrive.  Good content is a top three factor used by Google to rank a website. And that is where of course,  a PR agency can help you stay ahead of the competition…

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