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About Us

Twelve is a PR Agency based in Oxfordshire. Twelve founding principles underpin all our work. Developed by directors Graham and Nicky Smith when they set up the business in 1996, these principles remain as relevant now as they were then. 

We like to keep it small (twelve retained accounts managed by twelve people) and always have. This way everyone in the agency understands each and every client, and has direct input in delivering results for you, from the daily news round-up and agency brainstorming, through to social media management and journalist contact.  Clients always have senior level staff working on their account. 

Our twelve principles ensure we enjoy providing effective, award-winning PR and communications campaigns year after year.

A thorough understanding of our clients’ business

We make it our business to know your business.  We trawl your target media and get to know your sector.  Every client receives a daily news round-up each morning – we search across media key platforms and send links to key stories that could impact upon your organisation.

Sustained creativity provided through our ‘Twelve ideas’ concept

We present a new idea at each status meeting – twelve new ideas a year in addition to the agreed programme.  This means we keep our fingers on the pulse and are constantly on the look out for new opportunities for you.

A commitment to strategic thinking

Coverage for the sake of coverage is not what we’re about.  We generate coverage that helps build your business by agreeing on business objectives and working with you to present the right messages.  We constantly review these and measure everything we do against them.

Strong writing skills across all channels

Whether it’s 280 characters or 5000 words, they all have to work equally hard to present your messages in a way that resonates with your target audiences.  We put great store on good writing capabilities and constantly train and retrain to sustain excellent content and copy across all media channels.

Campaign evaluation

Our campaign evaluation skills are second to none.  We work with you from the outset to put in place measurement criteria that suit you and will let you know exactly how they are being met at any time.

Bright, smart, articulate people to handle your business

PR becomes more multi-faceted by the day and an agency needs adaptable, clever people with a wide range of skills who can think on their feet and respond well.  We employ high calibre graduates and invest in continuous training right across the agency.  Oh, and people do seem to like us too!


Insights make news and we are one of the few PR agencies with a qualified market researcher on our main board to help produce and interrogate data for strong news angles. Plus our long experience ensures we automatically hone in on anything with a potential news hook.

Rigorous attention to detail

Check, check and check again is our motto. From numbers to job titles, we know just how annoying it is when your agency gets them wrong.  So we do all we can to make sure that we don’t.

Relevant media contacts

Even in today’s digital age where everything is wanted online, building relationships with the media still counts.  It ensures your email is read, your tweet noticed and, when things are not going smoothly, our call is taken.  We work hard to be known and noticed where it matters – your target media.

Discretion at all times

With crisis PR in particular, trust and honesty matter.  You need to know that you can talk openly and develop strategies safe in the knowledge that things shared go no further.

Team flexibility to operate at all levels in an organisation

PR’s a funny old business. One day you can be interviewing a doorman for an internal publication, the next you can be writing a speech for a celebrity A-lister,  filming the CEO for YouTube, or briefing a BBC news crew. Whatever the occasion, our team will have the right man or woman for the job so it goes without a hitch.

An investment in staff training

Every single member of staff has a minimum £1200 annual training budget.  We put great store on continuous training – the speed with which our industry changes, we’d be fools not too.


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