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Social media management

Should you be more involved with social media, or are you still unsure what and how it can deliver for you?  It may seem a surefire way to reach some people in our complex, busy world, but there’s no doubt that in the wrong hands it can also burn your time and money and have very little tangible effect.

We can help you make the most of these communications platforms, and work with our clients to ensure they are used wisely and effectively.

Our in-house digital coaches are on hand to guide you through subjects such as Facebook’s quirks, Twitter’s trends, how to communicate beautifully on Instagram or when and how to work with influencers across social media channels.


“In the education sector, social media such as Facebook and YouTube have to be handled exceptionally carefully to ensure parents, students and educators feel secure and confident. Twelve excels at this task, and has helped us make the most of these channels for our global audiences.”

Mark London, Marketing Manager, ACS International Schools