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Coffee tins: a canvas for creatives

Author: Jess

We love tins. They’re 100% recyclable, with an infinite recycling loop, and they protect and preserve products better and longer than any other form of packaging. The humble tin is a great packaging material – and we think design should celebrate this.

We’ve been impressed with Nescafé’s recent project, partnering with students from the University of the Creative Arts and Crown Aerosols to design a range of vibrant limited edition tins for their Azera coffee collection.

The 2nd year graphic design students were briefed to create unique designs for the tins, depicting different experiences of ‘coffee culture’. With help from Nescafé’s creative director, the students designed bold, colourful tins with high quality graphics, which effectively act as a 360-degree canvas highlighting Nescafé Azera’s brand appeal.

Tins offer an open playing field for a host of aesthetics and approaches for designers and in a Dragon’s Den-style pitch, students presented to the Nescafé team and six designs made the cut, hitting the coffee aisles since.

Working with emerging design talent, this initiative from Nescafé gave young creatives an exciting insight into the design industry and the opportunity to see their projects go from paper to supermarket shelves. The collaboration also injects a new enthusiasm into the world of creative packaging through the students’ innovative and bold ideas, as they go from initial brainstorms to strikingly crafted panoramic final designs.

And the colourful tins are collectable and will last forever – you can reuse, recycle or even upcycle…Viva the humble tin!

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