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Are you a flaky instagrammer?

Author: Jess


So you signed up to Instagram with the 300 million other active users currently using the platform. You created the account and enjoyed messing with filters for arty shots, you’ve ridden the wave of Instagram popularity that came after it released the app on Android phones.

To begin with you were dedicated, then the novelty wore off, then it became annoying that you could only upload photos from your phone and slowly it became yet another channel to remember to post to. It’s ok, you’re amongst friends – admit it, you became a flaky Instagrammer?

Well here we want to give you just two super simple things you can do to revive your interest in Instagram and actually get this channel making a difference to your organisation.

Tip 1 – Don’t Instagram for you, but for your fans

Just take a minute to think about who are you communicating with? What section of your target audience is using Instagram? For example, for my travel blog, The Weekend Tourist, Instagram is a great medium for sharing photos of places I visit at the weekend in my local area – my key audience are locals to Chippy.

Sussing out #wedding venues? Lovely day at Painswick Rococo Gdn.

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If you’re a school and looking to boost student enrolment, 52 per cent of all 13 – 17 year old Internet users check Instagram. Posting pics that are relevant to your target audience, will boost engagement and if you think your content’s appreciated, you’ll be more inclined to keep it up.

Have a great break, and we look forward to welcoming you back for a new school year in September!

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Tip 2 – Seven days of Instagram

Instagram is more than simply a channel for posting great photos. Challenge yourself over one week to use a different function, but always keep the mantra (repeat after me) – ‘will my audience like this?’. Here’s seven functions to rediscover:

  1. Film – shoot short clips on Instagram and the go all Spielberg with the filters.
  2. Branch out from photos – an inspirational quote or saying.
  3. Search is your friend – update the people you follow, it’s a good way to get inspiration for your own account.
  4. Spread the love – remember to like and comment on other people’s pics, build relationships online.
  5. Embed an Instagram pic in a blog post – Cross promotion of Instagram across other platforms like Tumblr or a WordPress blog helps your followers find out about you in general.
  6. Get an Instagram widget on your blog/website – You’ve got splendid looking content on that Instagram channel, lets make it work harder for you by embedding it on your website. This helps your website look fresh and up to date.
  7. Post daily – regularity encourages engagement. The lifespan of a Instagram pic is just 2.23 hours.

So that’s it, two super simple ideas for making a real impact – you engage the right audience (the people actually using Instagram relevant for you) and try the seven days of Instagram to rejuvenate your interest. I guarantee your audience will build, engagement will increase and you know what they say – 51 to 79 per cent of social media fans are more likely to buy from you!

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