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How to boost your presentation delivery techniques

Author: Nicky

Twelve PR Co-founder

Here’s some really simple but effective ways to improve the delivery of any presentations you’re giving.

Because, whether you’re preparing to give a speech for your AGM; to be the key note speaker at a big conference; take part in a round table discussion, or just going to record a short vox pop, its always worth taking a few moments to consider whether a few simple changes might boost how well your words are received.

People were asked to watch TED talks with and without the words and the results are both startling and useful:

1. The words don’t actually matter

The audience rated the talks the same, with or without words, based on how the speaker looked and moved.

2. Smiling makes you look smarter

“Smiling not only gives off positive energy, but people actually perceive those who smile as more intelligent.”

3. The use of hand gestures adds context

The research found a direct correlation between the number of arm movements and how highly the talk was rated.

4. Storytelling is crucial

Fluctuating speaking tones are more captivating, with charisma felt to come from the varying tone, volume and pitch of the voice.

 5. Make a grand entrance

“On average, TED speakers who smiled, used hand gestures and acted comfortable before words were exchanged within the first seven seconds were perceived as more personable and charismatic.”

I was surprised to see these results from talks which are so famed for their leading edge content, rather than their delivery.  They prove that even the most interesting content can be made more impactful by paying attention to just a few simple presentation delivery techniques.

You can read more about the research from the brilliant PSFK website.

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