A Whopper PR challenge, communicating your brand purpose

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Rebel Whopper burger brand purpose PR


Try the new vegan Whopper and I think you’ll agree, you really can’t tell it’s not meat. I’ll probably switch to it completely from now on.

Ninety per cent of millennials say they would switch brands for one that champions a cause. Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands – 28 lines – have grown 69 per cent faster than the rest of the business and deliver 75 per cent of the company’s growth.

I’m not a millennial but I’m switching brands and changing my buying habits to make more ethical choices and I guess every person of my demographic in the whole world is doing the same.

Because there is whopping great behaviour change going on across the globe, businesses have to think like brands to grow and thrive too.

There was a time when providing employment and contributing to the economy was purpose enough for a business, but no longer.

Tender frameworks and purchasing managers are including social value metrics in their scoring criteria. This is when it hits home that businesses have to crystallise and communicate their purpose to remain competitive.

This isn’t just a re-brand of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it’s making Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) tangible.

The ultimate test would be to achieve B Impact Certification, and we’re not talking B for Burger. This is a challenging certification scheme that so far 2,778 organisations in sixty countries have achieved.

You may not be ready for B certification, but you could be doing a host of good things that are worth telling the world about.

This is where PR meets the burger – communicating that you’ve got something meaty to offer.



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