Here’s why, if you want to improve your search rankings you need to use PR



“Search engines have evolved to be much more sensitive to manipulation – to the point that SEO really is indistinguishable from PR in many cases.

“The traditional skills of PR, creating genuinely newsworthy content and earning coverage, mentions, shares and links from respected publications, sites and industry influencers, are key for effective SEO.”

This is why PR has to be an integral part of your marketing strategy if you want to improve your search rankings.  And why we have to be constantly watching out for changes which affect the way search rankings work.

Five search trends to watch from a PR and SEO perspective:

1.The rise of voice search

People search differently by voice than by typing.  What you yell at Alexa or Siri is not exactly what you type in your search bar.

Brands need to create content that works for long tail searches, with key words which are going to be used in this format.  Which is a good thing, as highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be more effective in achieving well in search rankings

“PR agencies that understand the importance of key words and how they work in the mobile world can add real value to clients as content strategy changes.”

2. Featured Snippets

Half of all searches are predicted to be voice searches by 2020.

So Featured Snippets – the block on the top right of your Google search – will be absolutely vital as they are used to drive voice search results.

Activity and content needs to be devised with these in mind.

3. Personalisation

There will be a more searches based on images and personalisation, where the search starts by seeing the right picture for that person.

PR must take this into account. Good quality imagery and visuals should accompany your copy.

4. Eyefluence

Google bought an eye-tracking startup last year Eyefluence. We need to keep an eye out on this trend (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

5. Fred

Fred, Google’s latest update has put a huge emphasis on good quality content.

“The rules of great communication remain constant: understand your audience and give them the content they want.

New technologies mean that search experts can never completely relax as there is always a new trick to learn.”  Danny Parker, editor PR Moment.

These five trends formed the basis of an internal training programme we recently delivered at Twelve PR.    

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