M.A.T., is it for me?


This is a question many heads are asking themselves at the moment.   What is to be gained from switching to Multi Academy Trust status?  Fresh from a seminar on this subject yesterday, and lucky to have had the Schools Commissioner Frank Green on hand to explain it, along with other level-headed, inspirational head teachers, I’m still not clear that this is the best route for a school to adopt.

And besides which, what’s the great rush?  The golden carrot (I hesitate to use the word handcuffs)  being dangled of £150,000 if three or more primaries  switch by July 2014 seems suspicious.  Plus the money is “subject to demand.”

Its a tough decision and one which schools should take slowly. My feeling is that the saying “Marry in haste repent at leisure” could easily apply, and it’s not as if schools have nothing else to contend with…