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Throughout 2016, the Twelve PR team will be hosting monthly webinars covering a variety of PR, marketing, digital and social media skills.

In each individual webinar we will help you brush up on your PR know-how, and make sure you are using each tool effectively, to help you communicate your key messages to your target audiences.

You can catch up with the Twelve PR Webinar series below.


1. Everything* you’ve ever wanted to ask about MailChimp! *well, almost everything.

In this webinar, Twelve PR’s resident digital junkie Jess Friend shows you what you should be using MailChimp for and why bloggers love e-mail marketing.

You’ll also cover:

  1. Getting set up
  2. How to manage lists and what to do if you don’t have a list
  3. Sending out an email or e-shot.


2. Advanced MailChimp: Analytics & Beyond!

Hone your advanced MailChimp skills with Jess, including exploring the platform’s analytic reports.

You’ll also cover:

  1. Open and click through rates – why should we care?
  2. How to increase your open rate and getting your message out there.