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CONFIDENCE IN COMMUNICATIONS “How to Grow your own Gravitas”

How many training courses do you come back from saying “That was amazing” or “That was the most practical training I have ever been on?”

Well, it happened to us when one of my colleagues came back from a course with Jayne Constantinis and immediately became one of those five-star reviews which say: “Brilliant, couldn’t recommend this training highly enough!” 

We were so fired up by the course that we asked Jayne and the PRCA if they could run it again for the benefit of more of our staff, so this amazing, empowering enjoyable course is taking place again.  Book now to avoid disappointment!

Oh, what does the course include? …..Well, it’s a day of practical skills and training in how to present yourself and your ideas with confidence; how to deal with difficult situations, and basically feel like a superhero in the workplace.

And if you know Jess, our account director, you might be surprised to discover that it was she who went on the course.  Jess doesn’t exactly come across as a shrinking violet;  she is a superb presenter and communicator – but who doesn’t like to learn new tips or add to their skills?!

It’s a full days course, taking place in the Jam Factory in Oxford on Thursday March 28th.

Official details from Jayne and the PRCA below:

Many people in the communications industry struggle with issues of presence and gravitas.  They feel undermined and judged by clients and (senior) colleagues.  They want to get their point across in meetings  but fail to do themselves justice on conference calls, in presentations and pitches.  In essence, they are missing opportunities to contribute, to grow, to impress.  And all the while, confidence and credibility are being eroded at an important phase in their career.

The key to solving these common problems lies in establishing robust communication habits.  By addressing both your mindset and your skill set, you will be better able to deal with challenging situations.  You will be more in control and therefore more confident.   Crucially, you will discover that confidence is not a mystical force field or an inherent quality but something which can be created and developed.

During the session, we unpick ‘gravitas’ and ‘presence’ so that you can acquire practical tools to grow your own.

You will learn:

  • How effective preparation underpins confidence, ‘gravitas’ and ‘presence’
  • The value of rehearsal in building self esteem and credibility
  • Audience and message planning techniques, to be able to resonate with audiences
  • How to make content memorable and impactful – not just what you say but also the language you use around your content (e.g. apologetic, hesitant)
  • To maximise the potential in your voice – intonation, volume, pace
  • How to use body language and eye contact for maximum effect
  • Practical techniques to combat nerves so that you can perform well under pressure
  • Individual strategies for dealing with interruptions/challenge
  • The art of being assertive, not aggressive
  • Negotiation/persuasion techniques.


Jayne Constantinis has been in the communications business for 25 years.  Her range of experience includes: live voice-over announcing on BBC TV;
business reporting on BBC World; fronting corporate programmes for blue-chip companies; facilitating live events; communication skills training for
individuals and groups.  Her BBC TV series on Mexico was nominated for a BAFTA; voice over credits include Sony and Channel 4 and she has written for
Condé Nast Traveller and Good Housekeeping.  She learned journalism at the LCP; has an acting diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and a Modern
Languages degree from Cambridge.  She started her working life in PR and advertising and at one of the world’s leading branding agencies – Wolff Olins.

Working with Olympic superstars prompted her to confront and dispel the myths around confidence in communications – she has consequently developed a
unique approach to empowering those who want to be skilful, effective and memorable.  Jayne understands how career/life enhancing being a good
communicator is, and she derives huge satisfaction from helping others to ‘shine’ as brightly as they can.

If you need any more incentive to book on this course, anyone from the Oxford Public Relations group can have a 10% discount by applying the code OXPR19 at the PRCA checkout.

Confidence in Communication


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