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12 results for 12 PR in 2021

These are twelve results we celebrated at the end of 2021. What a year it’s been, our 25th in business.

Now’s the perfect time to reflect on what it means to have been in business for a long time.  Don’t we look for challenger brands, young innovators, or edgy start-ups?  Not always!

Since I left The Guardian, the media world has changed completely but the twelve principles on which we founded the business have served us and our clients well.

A commitment to training means we’re always learning and on top of trends and new opportunities.  Our ‘twelve ideas’ concept means ideas and innovation are top priority. These are just two of our principles which have kept us and our accounts energetic and inspired year after year.

We’re proud to have served some of our clients for twenty years, while some of our new accounts are in technology fields which didn’t exist five years ago, never mind twenty five. And this is why it’s a good sign that a business has been going for long time.  In a service industry, and PR is a marketing service, it’s proof of sustained customer satisfaction,  performance and agility.

So here’s my list selection criteria for a good PR agency. In addition to longevity:

  1. Experience in your sector or similar brands
  2. Award wins for relevant campaigns
  3. Nice people to work with
  4. A commitment to training and technology
  5. Transparent monthly reporting and measurement metrics

Here’s to 2022 and the next 25 years!

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