Are you asking the wrong questions?

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It was “Brexit plus plus” wasn’t it?  Trump was right. He confounded the media and the pollsters, just as the Brexit vote did.  So why did the pollsters get it wrong?

There are two different factors at play here:

  • Honestly answering the wrong question
  • Dishonestly answering the right question

The survey below which asks ‘What won the election for Donald Trump’ illustrates how this can happen.

Survey from CIPR asking people how come Trump won the election and we didnt predict it













Look at Q2.  Like most people I ticked  ‘because Trumps message resounded with people who weren’t accurately polled’. I don’t actually believe that, it was just the closest option to my views.

Yes his message must have resounded with people – they voted, he won.

But is it because people weren’t accurately polled?  No, I don’t think so.

Accurate polling means sampling a representative cross section of the population and asking them which way they are going to vote.

What can you do if people lie? It wasn’t politically correct to say you’d vote for Trump. As Paul McNamee wrote in the Big Issue: ‘his distasteful dog-whistle remarks rose like warts during the campaign’.

Not telling the truth and answering the wrong question honestly can happen all the time in market research if you’re not careful.

Here’s an example of how to overcome this problem.

I once ran a series of focus groups for an education client where, after the ‘official’ focus group was over, we stood around outside and chatted informally about the topics we’d discussed.   In these informal discussions, we gathered a completely different set of answers – which were the answers we used to correctly develop the product.

Lessons learned?  It was silly to ask the question “Will you vote for Trump?’ given how un PC he was, so the pollsters got a silly answer.

You have to ask different questions in different ways to get the right answer.

Don’t let your brand decisions be based on the wrong questions or approach.

Innovation, digital savvy, sophisticated campaign evaluation

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We’re delighted to celebrate our account manager Jess Friend winning CIPR Young Communicator of the Year Award 2016 in the Anglia, Thames and Chiltern Region.

Here’s the full citation:

“For the judges, Jessica was a standout winner. She is dedicated, passionate and incredibly self-aware. She has a clear desire and commitment to develop her own skill set as well as her team. It’s impressive that, at just 27 years old, Jessica manages three key accounts and oversees 12 in total. Jessica evidenced innovation and digital savvy and has a sophisticated awareness of evaluating her campaigns. Jessica absolutely shows considerable promise as a future leader.”

The Twelve offer

Jess exemplifies what Twelve offers – a responsive, smart service which delivers great results; someone who is passionate about training and keeping ahead of every trend in the PR and marketing industry.

A commitment to training forms one of our Twelve founding principles where every member of staff has their own £1,200 annual training budget. We also have ‘Friday Fixes’ where we address industry or market issues and solutions, and Jess is a keen leader and instigator of these sessions.

Results for clients

But what matters to our clients is how this is translated into action. Here you can see a couple of examples the judges picked up which show how Jess as account manager really makes a difference:

  • 265 media cuttings and over 900 online social media posts per year, providing an international profile and  search optimisation for an international school based in the UK.
  •  A relaunched product website and its first video – with 50% saving on the previous agency’s costs – over 60k impressions and 16K views with 20 per cent watching until the end.

You can read the full case study about Jess and Twelve by clicking this link CIPR Young Communictor of the Year

Or better still, why don’t you test out how good we all are at communication and give us a call?  You could have the industry’s best working for you too!

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